LUSTFUL TEMPTATIONS – Promoting body positivity through fashion

Advice from SHE-E-O: To all Girl bosses and Future Girl Bosses is that nothing in life is impossible no matter your situation; always keep your head up and work hard for what you want. Always make note of ideas and research then, execute. There will be challenges, tears and failures along the way but, never give up and keep dreaming big. Most importantly, never forget where you came from in life.

~ Laurianne Lewis


Body positivity has long been an issue in society, especially in area of fashion. The question of whether or not a piece of clothing would look good on you is almost always dependent on the size and shape of the person.

Even if you’re in love with a particular style and design, your body deters you from getting it. Why? This is a body positivity issue. This is most times because you are afraid of what people would say about you and how you look in something, because of your shape.

But beauty comes in all shapes, shades and sizes.

Lustful Temptations was opened in June 2020, by an 18 year old girl who suffered bullying throughout her school life. She ventured into this line of business because she wants to leave an imprint on women. One that’ll make them see themselves as ‘sexy’ in everything that they wear.


Laurianne Lewis, who is also a Medical Technology student at the University of Guyana, shared: “My childhood had its high and low moments. Growing up, I dreamt of one day making a change. In all my school years, I have been a victim of bullying; there were times childhood was a nightmare. I had a few friends here and there, but due to being a victim of bullying, I was never ordained to be someone to fit in. The experiences of bullying made me stronger. Before I thought something was wrong with me, and though this experience has left some wounds, it showed me that I can do anything, I can be anything and no one can stop me. I survived that part of growing up in my life and as a result it has made me a strong young lady today.”

Her motivation to start her business ‘Lustful Temptations’, came from reading the book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”. After learning no matter how much qualifications you get in life, you still have to work to survive in this world, the narration in the book convinced her that the path of entrepreneurship is the best way to work.

Additionally, she said: “Women have always been deprived of privileges since the beginning of time. It is very important for a woman to have her own business because we are reversing the negative that was spoken about us over and over for centuries. We are showing the Universe that we can be bread winners for our families. All women have the natural skills to become CEOs of their own companies. Women nurture the future generations and by being a woman in business sets an example to your children and mostly, the female gender that we are capable and we can be providers, we are leaders also. I want to make a good impact on the youth by being an example that you can be an Entrepreneur; you just need an idea and motivation. You can do so many great things to benefit your future while you are still young.”

Laurianne chose the fashion line of business because with her experience with bullying, fashionable clothing made her feel good about herself after a long time.

“It helped me heal from the insecurities I had concerning my body, shape and size. The meaning behind Lustful Temptations is ‘find the love in your sexiness’. When you find that love in your body, shape, scars or no scars may cause other eyes to look.  It also brings out the sexy and confident side ladies have. A person should shop at Lustful temptation because of what it represents. The impact lustful temptation wants to have on women is helping to embrace their beauty and flaws using fashion. We want women to make statements while wearing our clothing comfortably. We want you to feel good and sexy about you. We want you to look in the mirror and say “damn, I love how I look”. We also offer a variety to suit anyone and everyone’s taste. And our prices are a representation of the quality of our items.”


How to shop

‘Lustful temptation is right now an only preorder online business. To preorder with Lustful Temptations; you choose the items you want from what we have on our social media pages, then you provide name, contact #, specify size and color; We provide you with an invoice. To secure your order, you pay a 50-60% downpayment. Finally, wait for 14-21 days for your item to arrive where final downpayment is made. We also, provide the service of sourcing items our customers would like to have for themselves and shipping it to Guyana.’




Contact #: + 592 699 0332

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