Hadiyah Clarke promises an unforgettable, classy experience at Pragz Runway and Brunch 

The most talked about event of the season happens on February 19 at the Outside Bar & Lounge – Pragz Runway & Brunch, and promises to be an unforgettable experience with an extra touch of class. 

This event will be the first of its kind and host of the event, Hadiyah Clarke, a 25-year-old business woman (owner of Pragz22), said it was conceptualised to combine everything she loves, which is the perfect recipe for ultimate enjoyment and celebration. 

It features an appetising brunch, which allows her to showcase her second business venture, ‘Pragz Cater Too’, where she creates charcuterie boards and boxes. Following the brunch, attendees will witness a mind-blowing fashion show that will showcase both Pragz22’s clothing line and Guyanese boutiques and designers. This will be followed by an entertaining after hang for everyone to enjoy.

Hadiyah Clarke

Hadiyah said this is a significant occasion for her, as she would have invested and started her business in 2020, just one month before the global pandemic hit Guyana and to have survived and pulled through everything that had happened over the past two years, is something momentous to celebrate in grand style. 

“I hope to leave patrons satisfied, getting their money’s worth at an event that offers entertainment from the day into the night, while offering Guyanese entrepreneurs and creatives a platform to display their work and at the same time give the Pragz brand the necessary mileage needed to grow. I want to leave a lasting impression that will eliminate anyone’s reluctance to support, if we plan to make this an annual event,” the young woman said. 

After being the subject of a recent clash between Guyanese artistes that caused a social media uproar, the University of Guyana graduate who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management said it is important to keep your chin up and stay focused on your goals.

Hadiyah said she aspires to be a well respected, successful business woman who is known for her sophistication and exceptional service to customers with a bigger aim to grow a wider online shopping platform and to one day have a storefront that is also a hub for other businesses in Guyana.

This, she said, is her main focus, despite the attempts of people on social media to distract her from her goals.

“We all need a proper support system that motivates and helps us realize our potential and stay on track,” she said. Crediting her support to her fiance.

The event kicks off at 12PM and tickets cost $10,000. 

About Pragz22

“My fiance, Kristoff, was my biggest motivation to curb my procrastination after I would constantly be in his ear about my desires to start a business venture. We had several discussions about the aim and other essential details on how to execute. Many nights were spent researching and exchanging ideas on business. I finally decided catering to women’s clothing needs would be my primary focus. We came up with a name that properly represents what the business is about and at the same time appeals to both Guyanese and foreigners. Staying true to the Guyanese culture, ‘Pragz’ is what is referred to as clothing/goodies received from someone else. Most commonly used when people receive these items in barrels or boxes from their families/friends overseas.

‘22’ because that was my age when the idea was birthed and I wanted to add some significance rather than going with just ‘Pragz’, Hadiyah shared.

Growing up the eldest of 4 other siblings, she had leadership responsibilities she took very seriously, including helping her parents manage the family shop. 

“I enjoyed selling and even planning Barbecues with my mom. I believe my exposure to helping with our family business at a tender age, tied with some experience I had in pageantry, it helped mould me into who I am today. I realized how enthusiastic I would be when executing these activities. I loved seeing people’s amazement and satisfaction with anything I have worked on or with. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment,” Hadiyah said. 

It is with that foundation, she developed a passion for business and fashion, later merging the two to form Pragz22. 


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