What kind of woman are you?


Hey lovies!

I hope you’re all great! Last week’s column had me getting some calls, messages and even screenshots from some of my female counterparts, but ah well … the truth had to be spoken.

This week, we will be talking about independent women who sometimes unknowingly or deliberately avoid relationships because of their career goals and some hindrances they may have encountered in the beginning, versus women who are married, with careers and demanding jobs, who encounter issues in their relationships.

As a career-woman, work is foremost. You’re driven to always do your best and achieve greatness, so home and family tend to be put on the back burner a lot. You find yourself focused on completing your work, completing assignments in a timely fashion and the like.

What you rarely have the time to do, is be home with your family. Hence, many career-women tend to choose a partner who is equally as busy as them and does not want a family. Then there are those other career-women, who do it all. They work, they study, they balance family and relationships perfectly with work. How? you may ask. They have support!

What is not said, is that they are often-times burnt-out. They are exhausted. They both are tired and irritable from the overload of everything coming to them at once. What they look for is an understanding and patient partner and children, who push them and encourage them to achieve their goals, while they meet the career-woman half way.

I, myself, am a mother, wife, daughter, niece and friend and I try my utmost to balance it all out with the one thousand and one things that I’ve been dipping my hands into. To be a bit more personal, I put studying on the back-burner, to ensure my eldest daughter had me there when she was preparing for her grade six examinations. I worked and went home, to give her that support, guidance and push – to do better and be better, all while she had my undivided attention.

At this point of my life, I’m thirty-ish and the ‘check light’ for my knees are on. I am irritated with the least things, I am vulnerable, tired most times and my body constantly threatens to shut down on me. But, guess what? It’s my children, who give me the drive and the push to – DO BETTER AND BE BETTER”, for them. I’ve come to the point in life where, though my career is important and it’s something I want, my family comes first. I push myself to achieve my goals because of them. I push through the tiredness and hazy brain, because of them.

This is where I want to encourage you, my career-women, try to find balance in life. We are here today and gone tomorrow. While we make that ‘schmoney’, let’s make memories. We can leave a legacy for our offspring and our family, but they will always remember and cherish the memories.

Today’s column is meant to be encouraging, it’s meant to be that little push you probably didn’t know you needed. I should take this moment to say, it’s not just the career-women who are tired and trying to find balance, but women in general, who have their children and families to cater to, to be there for and make a priority.

Women are the realest. We are the real deal. We persevere with or without support.  We push through the storm, to see that sunshine. We can be sick, hungry and tired, but if someone we love needs us, we are there.

Guys, don’t be salty, your turn is coming. To your mother, wife, aunt, daughter, sister, cousin, neighbour or friend that is woman, say it loud and say it proudI salute you, WOMAN!

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Remember – “What is for you, will ALWAYS be for you.”

See ya’ later lovies.




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