Sweet talker

Remar releases collaboration with Konshens

'Sweet Talker'

“Could read you like a book, I swear I know your type
True saying “energy doh lie”
Gotta face the fact though it’s so unkind
You’re tryna finesse me and take me for a ride
You never get what you deserve in return,
Smooth talker, got a way with ya words
Silly me, I always let you back in
Forgetting everything that happen.
Playing bare games and yuh telling me lies
Lead me on just to waste my time
I see all the signs, that’s hard to deny
Still I turn a blind eye…”

Is part of the catchy verse that Guyanese artiste, Remar, has on his recently released track “Sweet Talker” – a collaboration with Jamaican artiste, Konshens.

At its private launch party, Remar said that this masterpiece was created four years ago and is a testament of his dedication to the creative industry.

He explained that the idea came from a a conversation with one of his associates, Johnathan Beepat, who suggested that he should write a song about a girl with a “silver tongue”, in Guyanese connotation “a girl who could swar ya”. Remar then came up with the name and concept “Sweet Talker” and as a lyrical genius, wrote 3 minutes and 19 seconds of relatable lines, composed into a melodic tune.

Patience and timing is important in the industry, Remar said, as those were the elements that resulted in the hit collab today. After his song was completed, in 2019, it was sent to Konshens, requesting a verse to make it a collaboration.

2020 was the slated year for its release, but due to COVID, he refrained from doing so, since he believed it is a song that was meant to be experienced without limitations and restrictions. Now that we have said our good byes to the dreaded disease, Remar has officially launched the song and it has been trending across all platforms.

The small crowd, consisting of his closest friends and supporters got the exclusive silent headphones experience at the launch party, being the first set of people to hear his song. It was well received by the attendees who were all jiving and evidently enjoying the tune.

Sweet talker

The young creative said his dedication to music is to gain reach, and impact as many lives as possible. You can listen to his music on all platforms.



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