C&K Home Décor

Advice from SHE-E-O: As you evolve, your home should too.

– Candasy Layne-Thornhill



There is a popular phrase that says ‘Home is where the heart is’. As such, the home should be treated as if it is your happy place; invest your time and resources to make it feel as homey and comfortable as possible. Because when your home is comfortable, your mental function is different, on a higher frequency, and it ultimately reflects on your output.

Candasy Layne-Thornhill has brought the place for you to shop to transform your home spaces to make it feel like paradise. C&K Home Décor located on North Road, in front of GPO has all the good stuff for you.

Being a well-traveled individual who has been a Flight Attendant for 7 years, exposed her to so many different parts of the world, and influenced her taste in décor, in more ways than one. This experience puts C&K at an extreme advantage in providing unique pieces that you cannot find in any local store.

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