Digicel hosting Mega Concert at Berbice Expo

Canje Ground is expected to come alive this Friday October 13th, as Digicel is hosting a Mega Concert at the opening night of Berbice Expo. With a stellar lineup of Guyanese artists and the dynamic Shakti Strings band, the show is said to be a major highlight that will set the tone for the weekend of excitement.

“As the exclusive sponsor, Digicel is excited to bring this extraordinary experience to the Berbice community,” said the company’s Communications Manager, Gabriella Chapman.

“At Digicel, we believe in connecting people, and this event is a celebration of unity and the joy of bringing people together. We’re committed to enhancing community experiences and are delighted to host this Mega Concert to celebrate the power of music and togetherness with our valued customers and the entire community in Berbice,” Chapman said.

The star-studded lineup features Vanita Willie, Vicadi Singh, Tony Cuttz, AW Lyrical and Berbice very own Carlvin Burnett and will be hosted by Digicel’s long standing Brand Ambassador and media personality, Casual.

This Digicel Mega Concert is part of the larger expo and trade fair, hosted annually in Berbice, to celebrate the vibrant culture, arts, businesses and heritage of Guyana. This expo offers a unique opportunity to explore a wide array of exhibits, including special offers from Digicel.

Come for the Expo, stay for show! Show time is 8PM.

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