Guyanese to get the Vent x Owna experience

Taken from Loop Caribbean.

It’s Easter weekend, and amidst all the action happening in Guyana, the one creating the most buzz is the Vent x Owna experience with Dexta Daps and friends. 

The Jamaican Dancehall sensation arrived in Guyana Good Friday morning with an entourage of other big names in the music industry, Christopher Martin and Ikaya to name a few, who will all be performing Saturday night at the Guyana National Stadium. 

This event is part of a series of international tours, and Guyana will get a taste of the Daps ‘experience’ he has been selling across the world. 

At a press conference on Friday afternoon, the artist said that the Vent x Owna experience is a movement that he started to show the world what the Caribbean culture experience embodies. 

“It’s the way we were being presented as artists that made me say, let me try to present myself the way I think we should be presented… I want to show the world what we deserve and what we can do… It’s like what your mother always say ‘If yuh wan do it, do it yuhself. Don’t ask anyone to do it for you, if you want it to be done the right way.’ We need to get our culture out there to the world… We just pushing our culture forward through these experiences,” Daps said. 

Since the news broke just over a month ago that Dexta Daps will be returning to Guyana Easter weekend, the social media sensation has not stopped. Fans all across Guyana are excited for this particular event, especially the ladies. The memes and funny videos over the artist’s coming, have been spreading like wildfire, over the ambiance and mood a Dexta Daps show will create. 

When confronted with the question about his style of music, the artist said he is inspired by his love for women and his love for love that causes him to create the kind of music suitable especially for ‘love making’. 

The people in the comments section went crazy as he said his featured song for tomorrow’s show is ‘WiFi’. “…cause it’s new and I want to see if Guyana will accept it. I wanna see if they will love it,” he said. 

But from the looks of the comments, the people of Guyana are already familiar, and are highly anticipating the show tomorrow evening. 

Also part of the press conference was Christopher Martin, no stranger to Guyana’s soil. He spoke to the vibe that patrons can expect at the show. 

“The vibe tomorrow will be an excellent one because we have something for everybody. We have something for the old, something for the young, something for the classy. It’s going to be a proper blend, a proper experience and everybody can come out and enjoy themselves. Don’t allow anyone to tell you about the show, mek sure you experience it yourself,” Martin said. 

Ikaya, another musical sensation popularly known for her hit feature with Dexta Daps ‘Nosey neighbour’ and most recently ‘Mi General’, will also be headlining at the show.

She said it’s an honour being in Guyana and being able to grace the stage with so much talent and a great production. 

“I’m honoured and elated to be a part of greatness… So expect an immaculate performance,” she said.  

Other names that are expected to be on the show are Loui Culture, Lyrikal, Tony Cuttz, Vicadi and Guyana’s Natural Black. 


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