It took one passionate man: Travon Barker

to step the game up in Guyana's photography industry

Travon Barker demonstrated on Wednesday evening that Guyana’s photography industry has bountiful potential that transcends far beyond taking still shots for people and events.  

Through his photo exhibition, “The Butterfly Effect”, the young photographer showcased a plethora of his artistic concepts and moments he captured with his lens. It was a breathtaking display of how photography brings so many things to life, and adds a magical touch to the strangest of things and moments you didn’t realise contained such mesmerising beauty. 

His love for photography and his adamance to foster greater appreciation for the art form, are what inspired this event, and it was well received by the patrons who were all in awe of the display in the gallery.

In an interview prior to the exhibition, Barker said his “hopes for this event, being the first of its kind in Guyana, is to show other creatives like myself that we can do this if we put in the work. It’s also to show how my work has improved and grew over the years. To show true Guyanese talent. KeyNote isn’t perfect, nor anything that comes out of it. But better believe I’m gonna keep working until it is perfection. So I’d advise any other photographer or person interested in photography to put In the work and trust the process. Sometimes it’s not always about the money or the fame, it’s about the work and the creation of art.”



This was certainly accomplished, as other photographers in the industry attended the event, and its purpose evidently resonated with them. He said that he intends to turn up the notch next year, and include 60 other photographers to submit their best work to put on display in the gallery.

Photography started out as a hobby for him, he said, but after falling in love with it, he saw its potential and always wanted to host an exhibition of this kind. After five years in the industry, he has now successfully made it a reality with the support of his team of friends.

In addition to the photo display, a terrific atmosphere was created with scenic light effects, steelpan music from Reon Miller, Saxophone from Roy Stewart, and entertaining mixes from Guyana’s popular DJ, Mix Master Tony. These tied with good vibes, sweet treats and wine, made the event a memorable one shared between friends and supporters.

Barker’s pieces are on sale and can be accessible by contacting him on Facebook or through WhatsApp on number: +592 680 7990. 


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