Guyanese ‘Pop Princess’ Jourdin Pauline expected in Guyana for Cricket Carnival 2022!

Get to know who she is

It’s September 2nd and we are exactly 2 weeks away from the Cricket Carnival excitement which starts from September 16th. The packed schedule has been attracting many tourists as well as Guyanese in the diaspora, to travel in for the experience which is expected to be unlike no other that Guyana would have ever had. 

One such diaspora Guyanese expected to be here is Jourdin Pauline, who made this announcement in an interview with the Remix Chick on Hits & Jams’ 94.1 Boom FM Afternoon Lock Down yesterday. 

Jourdin calls herself the Guyanese Pop Princess, and has been making significant strides in the music industry since she was 10-years-old. While she may not be a household name to many Guyanese locally, she has certainly made Guyana more relevant, globally, as she proudly claims and flaunts her Guyanese heritage throughout her platforms and music.

With 1.4M followers on Instagram, she makes her origin quite visible to her fanbase as she sports the Guyana flag in her bio, and maintains her Caribbean sound in her Trap Pop music. 

In the interview, the 22-year-old artiste said that she has always been proud of her culture, “it’s who I am, it’s where I’m from, my family. And it’s also my duty to keep her gramma’s dream alive, who passed away. Authenticity and being who you are is what makes people great. The greatest of the greats just be who they are.”

The first six years of her life were spent in Guyana, then she migrated to LA with her mom, who was a music manager. Being the daughter of someone in the industry, gave Jourdin a lot of exposure as she said she would travel around with her mom very often. It was one random day in her childhood, when she realised she had a place in the industry as well. She shared in a previous interview that “one day, I was in the studio with Dr. Dre and a producer was working on a hook. I suggested something and then I realised that this was something I wanted to do. I started getting placements when I was 10 on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon like on ‘Ant Farm’ and ‘Shake It Up.” Her musical career started at that very young age, writing and co-producing several television programmes for Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, VH1, CW, Oxygen, E!, and CBS.

She shared in the interview with Remix Chick  that around the age of 15 is when she really started making music for herself.

“I got into the studio and started doing my own thing, I still write for other artists, but around 17 I dropped my first song and I’ve been at it ever since.”

Though Trap Pop is her main genre, Jourdin fuses different elements of Caribbean sounds into her music, because “I never wanted to put myself in a box musically, or creatively, so I always want to make sure that I was able to tackle every genre then see what I’m  good at. I realised that trap was what I’m good at so I just kinda stuck with that and ran with it, and mix it with whatever I feel… I’m here to be a blessing and break down doors, I’m letting all my people in that door with me,” she said.  

The sassy superstar disclosed that she aims to retire in Guyana. In fact, she visits very often to stay connected with her roots, and will be coming for Cricket Carnival 2022!!

Look out for her in a costume revelling in a band, the true Guyanese way.







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