10 teens to compete in the Miss Guyana Teen with a Purpose Pageant

Startup business fund, among other prizes to be won

On March 25th, 10 teenagers will take the stage and vie for the title of Miss Guyana Teen with a Purpose. A pageant that was created to empower young women and help them find their purpose, through robust training, activities and exposure to mentors.

Coordinator of the pageant, Anastasia Sanford said that some of the activities leading up to the pageant will contribute to producing well-rounded young women. At the sashing ceremony, Sanford highlighted the significant growth in the delegates thus far, and explained the journey ahead.

Before pageant night, the 10 teens will participate in: coming up with a business plan and pitch their idea to a panel of business owners and investors, and the winner of that segment will receive $100,000 in materials to start her business; a fitness challenge at Space Gym, organised by Roger Callendar; a photogenic segment that will be done differently – each delegate will have their makeup artist portray something significant about Guyana and the general public will have to vote for the winner – winner receives an automatic 10 points into the competition and the makeup artist gets an accolade; a sports day where they will be tasked with working in two teams and the team that wins, each girl will be given an automatic score which will be combined with their final scores; and the intelligence segment the delegates will be questioned on their platform.

On pageant night, they will only compete in three segments, costume, talent and evening gown. All the scores from the segments will be added to crown the queen.

Olivia Stephens
Delegate # 1
Platform: Youth Empowerment
Age : 17 years old


Robeina Edinboro
Delegate #2
Platform: Body Positivity
Age: 18-years-old


Norissa Paul
Delegate #3
Platform: Gender Equality
Age: 15years-old


Acklima Christie
Delegate #4
Platform: Women Empowerment
Age: 19-Years-Old


Novita Pawelae
Delegate #5
Platform: Drug Abuse among Youths
Age: 18-years-old


Nublea Gonsalves
Delegate #6
Platform: Colorism
Age: 18-years-old


Crystal Gunning
Delegate #7
Platform: Health Awareness
Age: 17-years-old


Laquana Johnson
Delegate #8
Platform: Animal health and safety
Age: 18-years-old


Sapphine Alert
Delegate # 9
Platform: Youth Development
Age: 18-years-old


Akilah Fredericks
Delegate #10
Platform: Dancehall influence on young women
Age: 18-years-old

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