One Guyana Concert: A Celebration of Homegrown Talent

In a spectacular showcase of talent, Guyana witnessed a momentous event that left an indelible mark on the country’s cultural landscape. The one-of-a-kind One Guyana Concert, featuring exclusively local artists, took center stage Saturday evening captivating audiences across the globe and emphasizing the immense talent that resides within this beautiful nation.


Following last year’s inaugural edition during the Cricket Carnival, the return this year attracted an even greater turnout that pleased my heart, and extensive lineup that was a testament to the rich and diverse musical heritage of Guyana. With the sea of enthusiastic fans filling the tarmac of the National Stadium, the event was a powerful reminder of the significant support and appreciation that local artists have garnered over the years.

Timeka Marshall

The evening kicked off with a breathtaking performance by the Guyanese Empress, Jackie Jaxx who set the pace for an evening of exciting performances that kept getting better and better straight through to the last act by Natural Black.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flow of the acts, as my concern was “how are they going to blend all these different genres on one stage, one night?” From Gospel, to Soca to Reggae, to Chutney, to Dancehall to Calypso? Woaahh. But they certainly did it! At no point did I feel like sounds and energy was becoming confusing or chaotic. Every performer flowed seamlessly into the next, and kept the enjoyment at an all-time high.

Samuel Medas

Each artist brought their unique style and perspective, making it abundantly clear that Guyana has a musical identity that can stand proudly on the global stage.

The concert was not just about entertainment; it was a celebration of the Guyanese spirit, as people from all walks of life, swayed to the melodies, basking in the cultural tapestry that defines Guyana. I got emotional particularly from the performances by First Born, Natural Black, Alabama & Big Red. Many of us millennials grew up on music from these artists. This triggered a feeling of nostalgia that made me ponder upon how far we’ve come. These icons have paved the way for the newer sensations in music, and here we are in one place, celebrating them all.

Natural Black

Beyond the immediate cultural impact, the One Guyana Concert has far-reaching implications for the nation as a whole. It sends a powerful message about the importance of supporting and nurturing local talent. By coming together to celebrate our own, Guyanese people have demonstrated their belief in the potential of their homegrown artists, and I felt so immensely proud!

Furthermore, this concert serves as a beacon of hope for emerging talents in Guyana. It shows aspiring artists that they can achieve success on their own soil, without needing to seek fame abroad. This can lead to a vibrant and sustainable local music industry, creating jobs and opportunities for the youth and contributing to the country’s economic development.

Steven Ramphal

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