How Dr. Google nearly killed me

In hindsight: Cherish your loved ones


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Hello hunnies!

I’m debuting my column with an experience I had last Sunday, to hit home the importance of living a purposeful, fulfilling life and staying away from Google when you’re experiencing certain symptoms. LOL!

For the last three weeks, I’ve been experiencing a tingling in my arm and this made me think the worst. Who told me to consult Dr. Google? Your girl went to Dr. Google to check and see why my arm was tingling and it said, people who will experience a stroke or heart attack soon, have tingling arms. 

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Now I started sweating, panicking, praying, asking God to keep me alive to see my two children become successful adults. I started thinking of all those I’ve wronged, ‘cuss out’, then all those who have wronged me and who may be secretly wishing I died. I was a nervous wreck! I kid you not! I decided that I should go to the pharmacy and do a cholesterol test, cause ya girl was going in heavy on the wings for months. So I chalked it up to being a possible cholesterol issue.

I would have been better off making my own analysis than consulting the great Dr. Google cause I did the cholesterol test, and turned out it was high, and I mean HIGH!

The pharmacist then explained the severity, what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat, what to drink and what not to drink and the like.

Now I don’t want this stroke nor heart attack, so I’m ready. Your girl K over here working out, doing yoga, eating better than I already was, I’m a certified health nut now. Fast forward to my experience last Sunday (August 7, 2022) – I woke up and had this migraine and terribly tingling hands. Panic stepped in immediately, but I was trying to stay calm. I went to shower, and broke down in there – praying, crying, asking God to keep me until the kids are older, until they would be able to live freely with a legacy I was able to leave them, etc.

You would think I learned my lesson from the last time, I went to the great Dr. Google again, who told me when a migraine joins the arm tingles, it means you’re at least 90 minutes away from the heart attack.

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So now, I’ve gone to the toilet twice, stomach tight, barely can eat cause I’m like, Lord, this is really it for me. The tingles got worst, so I said to my husband, “Alex, put on some clothes leh we go the hospital.” My boy got up, went to the sink, decided he will wash out the couple dishes there, I walked into the kitchen and he’s casually washing up and I said, “Sir, leh we go, ween got time for that.” I was legit a scaredy cat, but I didn’t care.

Eventually, we left the house, he is cruising like we just taking an afternoon drive and my panic is getting worse, but I was outwardly calm for the sake of my children. Sent my father a message and told him “I feel like I’m having a heart attack. Bringing the kids to you so I can go to the hospital.” Sent my mom a message, “Mom, please ask Sister so and so, to pray for me.” Then, I told my husband, I needed an aspirin urgently.

By this time, my 13-year- old is in the back looking at me like, what the hell is going on, but I was ignoring her, trying to remain calm.

Made it to the hospital, walked in calmly, spoke to the nurse. Was triaged, then sent to speak with the doctor. I explained how I was feeling, and the little sticking pain in my chest that I would’ve started getting by this time. So, he sat back in his chair, looked straight at me then told me, “Girl, you not getting no heart attack. You’re young and vibrant.”

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He typed in something on the computer in front of him, then showed it to me, to say I had ‘brachial plexus’ (pinched nerve in my shoulder blade) that was causing the arm tingles. He said he’s never heard of anyone having a migraine just before a heart attack. By this time, your girl shame like a dog, but still apprehensive. He suggested the ECG (heart test) to satisfy my mind. I did the ECG, went back to him and he said it showed my heart was in tip-top shape. Suggested I lose some weight to help with the lowering of the cholesterol, etc. then prescribed some medication for the numbness and tingling in my arm.

All in all, this was all explained in such fine detail to say that I had to have a near death experience, to start stressing about my children, family and friends. It made me rethink my actions, words and thoughts. It helped me to prioritise who and what deserved my energy, my time and my attention. It showed me that I had much left to do, to achieve the goals I have set for the benefit of my children. Most importantly, it reminded me to have a closer relationship with God and to cherish the moments.

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This is me saying, CHERISH YOUR LOVED ONES. Love yourself and those close to you. Be thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly and never think you don’t deserve the best. Savour your friendships and relationships. When you die, you will be missed and your loved ones left with only memories of what was. Why not use this moment, to make memories, love them and be the best version of yourself?




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