Matrix Shopping aims to revolutionise Guyana through tech, charity and youth empowerment

With the world daily advancing in the technological era, Guyana as a third world country has a far way to go to keep abreast with new technologies that are developing various industries. Efforts are being made however, both public and private, to avail certain opportunities to Guyanese locally.

One such effort is Matrix Shopping – a mobile app and website that allows Guyanese to shop from the comfort of their homes. To the likes of E-bay, Amazon and all the other digital shopping platforms, Matrix Shopping provides several shopping options for Guyanese to browse, free of the hassle of physically going to stores.

In an interview with Potsalt Media, Founder of Matrix Shopping, Larry Morgan said he started this initiative close to a decade ago, at a time when Guyana wasn’t ready/equipped for such digital advancement. This consequently caused the initial phase to be a rough stint.

“Matrix shopping was birthed in 2013, just with the simple idea of getting items from one location to the next, using a website. At that time we were now learning so the website was horrific, but it was an idea. It was media production kind of business, I would go around to different businesses to come on the platform but it was during the blackberry days, when technology wasn’t as advance, and the mindset of people were not for it. Guyana was not ready for that as yet,” Morgan explained.

Over the years, successfully executing the idea posed several challenges, he said. “Through Matrix Shopping, we were doing a TV show and people didn’t care. Guyana is all about connection and networking and I was more like a person who stayed to myself. And through the show on the platform, while connecting people to businesses, we wanted other educational content on there. So what we were doing was to produce a show to tackle suicide and domestic violence and so many other things, but people more cared about their profits.”

The challenges however, have only brought strength and learning lessons to build a better platform, Morgan said. “You might be knocked down, but you’re not knocked out.”

Matrix Shopping is back, better and more dynamic. It is a mobile app and website that houses various options, not only for shoppers. The app includes entertainment; news; radio; small business promotion; major companies such as Courts, A. Ally’s & Sons, Giftland and more, that you can shop right from your phone or computer; Matrix Taxi, and many other features for everyone to enjoy.

The support with this initiative is growing, Morgan said, as such, he believes it is time to incorporate ways of giving back to society through the app.

He explained that a new charity element is being incorporated, where persons can shop through the app and donate to the less fortunate. Additionally, the platform will now offer an affiliate program where individuals can sell items from partner companies on the app, and they get a commission from every sale they make. With this, persons are able to earn.

“Not everyone enjoys a quality life in Guyana. We want to reach, touch and impact those people so Matrix Shopping can be an agent for changing lives,” the businessman said.

“I have a passion for helping people and youths, I’m not so focused on the big businesses. I wanna help small businesses and the youths. In the direction we’re moving, it takes changing the mindset of people, how people think and give them an opportunity to earn. With our platform we would have many people, single moms, etc, their lives are being changed because through the app they are able to make close to $100,000 a month, just from commission. We get to influence them in a positive way. That’s the cultural shift that we can control through the app. I see it as an opportunity, not only to help people, but to broaden their mindset.To survive in the economy shift that is happening, especially those who come from an environment where they don’t have the right information, we can reach you through the app and the app has information that could transform your life. I want to start a community and influence people to start helping one another and being more giving to one another and spreading more love to one another. I’m big on influence and the dispensation of positive information,” he posited.

More information on all the features that Matrix Shopping offers can be accessed on their website and mobile app.

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