Mental Health Check-in

As I contemplated what to share this week, I got a sense that most of us are quietly dealing with a lot. I simply want to remind you that you are valuable, you are loved and you are enough.

Life can get overwhelming when we have to juggle taking care of ourselves and family, studies, career, relationships, break-ups, inflation, and the list goes on. The pressure to succeed can become exhausting when things are not going how we planned.

While we cannot change the things out of our control, we can focus on the way we respond. Sometimes we are responsible for our own stress level because we did not take time to truly acknowledge how we feel and understand why in order to process our emotions to derive at the best possible reaction to avoid escalating an already very tense situation. 

It is also important to rest. Sometimes we just do way too much. It is almost like we came out of the pandemic energised to chase after our dreams or get involved in everything that we love to do, that the word ‘rest’ became synonymous with failure. Do not get me wrong. Go after that bag, succeed, but not at the peril of your mental health. Breaks are necessary else we will experience a ‘crash’ or ‘burn-out’. At this stage, troubling thoughts begin to evade our minds. If you are at such a point, it is not the end, and you are not alone. Talk to a therapist and/or a trusted family member or friend

Take it easy. Be self-compassionate. God’s got you, so you’ve got this.

Look-out for next week’s blog as we feature Powerlifter, Talicia Garrett. She shares the impact powerlifting has had on her life since her first competition in May 2022.

Disclaimer: I do hope you understand that this post and/or comments do not constitute medical or health recommendation as it is based on the author’s opinion. Do not apply any content therein as information to replace consultation with your qualified health care professional. Please check with your doctor before attempting any diet or exercises. Assume any risk to yourself and agree to discharge ProWell Fitness and any platform utilised to share content from any and all claims of injury.

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