ProWell Fitness: Your Wellness Plug

Have you decided that it is time to put your well-being as priority and redirect your energies towards making healthier choices that will ultimately create the best version of yourself? If yes, then look out every Friday for a weekly dose of Your Wellness Plug.

To begin this journey with me, it is only fair that I introduce myself and let you in on my experience. My name is Denita Prowell, and I am a fitness enthusiast. I can vividly recall the moment I decided to commit to working on my physical well-being. It was 2015 and I had received some devastating news. No, I would not share what that news was, but it was enough to slide me into a state of depression.

Whilst battling through that phase, I realised that exercise, along with other healthy habits, actually made me better. I would throw up a Shaun T Insanity bootcamp video and painfully push myself through the first couple of weeks. I even attempted to keep up because of his encouraging outbursts, but at times I felt like I would vomit, until I learned to slow down to my comfortable pace. If Shaun said we are to do ten reps, I did five whilst panting for breath frantically. I kept at it until I was moving exactly to Shaun T’s on-screen rhythm. After some time, I noticed my strength and endurance were increasing. I needed to do more.

I always loved dancing, but had been on a very long hiatus. I decided to join the dance team at my church at the time, then a few months later, I enrolled into Worship in Spirit and in Truth Ministries, thanks to a good friend of mine. I was happy that I was dancing again. Still believing that I can delightfully torture my body some more, I began to train for powerlifting in 2018 with one of the greatest, Paul Adams. While I could not continue that year, in 2022 I finally trained for about two months and competed in the intermediate powerlifting competition in May. I got silver for my category. While circumstances have not permitted me to continue my training, my love for fitness and wellness in its entirety remains. As it has helped me overcome many mental obstacles, I know for certain that it can help you.

Many times, women forget about their own well-being in order to facilitate the needs of others. Your Wellness Plug was created to encourage women to intentionally put themselves as priority.

Emanating from my love for fitness, I have created a line of fitness wear called ProWell Fitness, that will be introduced to you in phases. Keep up with me on instagram and facebook to be part of its debut.


Each week, we present a simple challenge for you to do. Complete each week and get a chance to win prizes.

The first challenge this week is to bend and touch your toes. As easy as it may sound, many cannot accomplish this moreso, a full forward fold. That is okay. However, being a little flexible can help prevent injuries. Follow the link above, post and tag your photos or videos with hashtag #prowellfitness #foldforwardchallenge

Why bend and touch your toes? According to the American Council on Exercise, flexibility training:

  • Allows greater freedom of movement and improved posture
  • Increases physical and mental relaxation
  • Releases muscle tension and soreness
  • Reduces the risk of injury

Disclaimer: I do hope you understand that this post and/or comments do not constitute medical or health recommendation as it is based on the author’s opinion. Do not apply any content therein as information to replace consultation with your qualified health care professional. Please check with your doctor before attempting any diet or exercises. Assume any risk to yourself and agree to discharge ProWell Fitness and any platform utilised to share content from any and all claims of injury.


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