The Accessory Hut – Catering to the fashion needs of all classes of society


Advice from SHE-E-O: Always believe in yourself and push through. Consistency has made my business what it is today. 


Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquillity that no religion can bestow.” And this is an undeniable fact. Everyone wants to look stylish, and well kempt, and there is a level of confidence that comes with being well-dressed. 

However, the fashion industry has grown over the years to become one of the biggest industries and many local entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the demand with what is seemingly a ‘get rich’ strategy. 

The average man and woman are most times unable to shop for fashionable clothing because of the exorbitant price tags attached. 

Recognising this, two young sisters, Sherica and Shabaz decided to embark on their first business together, ‘The Accessory Hut’, catering to the fashion needs of all classes of society. 

Sherica Forde

Shabaz, who is the eldest of the two sisters and the mastermind behind the business, said that they both grew up in East Ruimveldt and weren’t numbered among the fortunate bunch. 

“I wasn’t fortunate to spend a lot of money on expensive clothing. I like cute and fashionable stuff but I never saw them at affordable prices. So Sherica and I were motivated to start our online business, The Accessory Hut, to try our best to meet the needs of the everyday man in society today – supplying cute, basic items to the everyday society for their everyday lives at affordable prices,” she outlined. 

The young woman said that growing up, her driving force accelerated particularly around the Mashramani season. 

“That was my favourite time of the year,” Shabaz said. “Then I later learned in school the meaning is ‘celebration after hard work.’ And I held steadfast to that meaning, it motivated me. I know that one day, after putting in all the hard work that I am putting in, that it will definitely pay off. I’m a mom, UG student, have a 9 to 5 and manage this business with my sister, and I know all my hard work will bring my dreams to fruition,” the girl boss said. 

Interestingly enough, Shabaz said that she was a tomboy in her growing years. “I never saw myself in the fashion industry,” she shared. 

But when the time came to choose a stream in Secondary School, Shabaz chose Business, and later fell in love with marketing. The knowledge gained, set the base for her business, and the passion for catering to the fashion needs for the everyday man.

Presently, The Accessory Hut is an online store, but the sisters have aspirations of one day opening a physical boutique where persons can come in, shop, and be part of an economical network . 

You can follow them on Instagram here and Facebebook here

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