“The Butterfly Effect”- A Photo Exhibition you cannot miss!

Birthing from his love for photography and his desire to create greater appreciation for the art form, Travon Barker, a renowned photographer and owner of KeyNote Productions, is hosting a photo exhibition dubbed “The Butterfly Effect”. 

Tower Suites is expected to be transformed on November 9th, into a mind blowing gallery, decked with storytelling photos captured by Travon Barker, showcasing his skill and demonstrating his growth in the industry. 

One of the first photoshoots done by Travon Barker (2017)

Photography for him, he said, started out as a hobby which he picked up by watching and being taught and guided by his friends, Terrence Thompson and Keno George. But over time, it became the thing that he fell in love with and developed a determination to become one of Guyana’s leading photographers. 

Travon Barker

Barker explained that he came to the realisation that photography is one of the most under appreciated art forms in Guyana, and him being a lover of the arts, he made the decision to make his contributions to revolutionise the industry. 

After committing five years to developing his craft and shaping his brand, this event is the next step to create a shift in the mindsets of people as it relates to the value and potential of photographers and photography. Hence the name “The Butterfly Effect”.

A recent capture by Travon Barker (2021)

“The Butterfly Effect simply states that a simple change in a system can affect the entire system either good or bad. My Butterfly Effect was my unwillingness to work for someone and to take my hobby coupled with my knowledge of the working world and turn it into a business. When I decided to do this event, I hadn’t a name, just an idea and I explained it to a friend of mine and she gave me several options but “The Butterfly Effect” just jumped out at me,” he said.

Explaining further that “my hopes for this event, being the first of its kind in Guyana, is to show other creatives like myself that we can do this if we put in the work. It’s also to show how my work has improved and grew over the years. To show true Guyanese talent. KeyNote isn’t perfect, nor anything that comes out of it. But better believe I’m gonna keep working until it is perfection. So I’d advise any other photographer or person interested in photography to put In the work and trust the process. Sometimes it’s not always about the money or the fame, it’s about the work and the creation of art.” – Which he intends to demonstrate at The Butterfly Effect. 

Much excitement over this event is evident, as the social media buzz is ramping up. In addition to the photo display, patrons can expect entertainment from Guyana’s Mix Master, Mix Master Tony, soothing pan music from Reon Miller of PanJazz Concerts and Saxophonist, Roy Stewart

Barker said the event will commence at 7pm, giving patrons an hour to mingle and network, and the gallery will be open for viewing from 8pm.  

Tickets cost $5000. 

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