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What the masses have failed to highlight about Baderation 2022

Disclaimer: this is in no way an attempt to dilute the possible trauma caused by the disorderly actions of the crowd at Baderation, nor is it in any way, an attempt to normalise such behaviour. This is my personal view that despite the gun scare and the bottle throwing, the show was spectacular! 


I believe it’s the culture of Guyanese to relish in pessimism. So much so, they give little to no acknowledgement to the upsides of anything that occurs under the sun. It’s as if our lenses are programmed to absorb the negatives. 

Let’s bring into retrospect, the Baderation Dancehall Megaconcert that went viral for the gunshots fired and the subsequent end of the show. While everyone was busy sharing videos of the ‘mass hysteria’, every other good thing about the Concert was overshadowed. 

Here’s a visual synopsis

First and foremost, the venue was surprisingly packed! I had my reservations about attending the event, given that I listen to dancehall music selectively, and I certainly didn’t realise that the genre had such a huge fanbase in Guyana. You’d think it’s only a selective few who digest these tunes, but the massive turnout proved otherwise. Notably, people from varying classes of society. This speaks to the fact that this kind of show is one that thousands of Guyanese welcome, and given that we don’t see dancehall shows regularly, there is definitely room for more.

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Accentuating the point that the venue was packed, the Baderation stage provided the opportunity for several Guyanese performers we don’t normally see on mega stages, to showcase their talent and earn from it. Why aren’t the videos of the Guyanese performers going viral? Why is the fact that the entire lineup was backed by a Guyanese band (The Heatwave Band) one of the main highlights for them to get more bookings? We can’t conveniently speak about local content and supporting locals and expect recognition. On this stage, we got to witness Guyanese artistes we don’t normally see on national stages. We got to see Guyanese artistes showcase their versatility, performing songs they don’t normally perform or even attempt to sing. Case in point, Kady Kish, Carlvin Burnett and Nekeita.

Speaking of, why are we sleeping on Kady Kish? I cannot tell the last time I have seen her perform on a big stage, and Baderation provided that opportunity for her to effortlessly demonstrate that she is big deal and we need to see more of her. Carlvin Burnett and Nekeita are seasoned performers, as we have been seeing them repeatedly as of recent, on national stages. However, it was refreshing to see them perform songs outside of their new anthems (Eldorado and Right Hay).

While these artistes would utilise their individual platforms to push themselves, a bigger effort from the audience to shy in their support by videoing and posting as well, would go a far way for our people.

There were other performers who evidently needed the exposure that the stage brought, I just can’t remember their names.

But you can view the performances in the video below.

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What Guyanese have to understand, sooner rather than later, is that the world is looking at us. How we package who we are is of utmost importance at this point. At a Megaconcert when we had the opportunity to package and promote that we have people #RightHay who are just as talented and capable, we choose to promote, more than ever, that our shows are invaded by ‘thugs’ with guns.

ˆFood for thoughtˆ

Outside of the performing artistes, the DJs did an exceptional job as well in keeping the crowd hyped and entertained during the performance breaks. My favourite sets were Gully Ras & Moose. I’ve seen DJs travel the world, being booked for shows and other events, for their ability to hold an audience. That can be Guyanese DJs too. Where are the reaction videos on how Gully Ras commanded the audience, and why aren’t they viral?

Oh wait, there is one below. Send the views up!

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Yung Bredda was surprisingly very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. And most of his songs are somewhat comical, his presentation was appropriate, he brought the energy, he brought the humour and personality the people love, and he had the crowd pumping.

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The reason most of the ladies were there was the real top gyal. I for one, went to see Shaneil Muir and she did not disappoint. She had the ladies singing ‘chune fi chune’ as she has some big hits that appeal primarily to the female populace. 

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I’m not a Skeng fan. I left as soon as he came on cause I honestly only know two of his songs, and I anticipated that what happened, would have happened, so I cleared out long before. However, the reaction of the crowd to his music, shows that Guyanese love the man and supports his culture and lifestyle.

Skeng Guyana

I agree that some Guyanese are definitely out of order and can be a spoilsport, but I trust the lesson is learnt and measures would be put in place to prevent a recurrence.


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