My Baderation Experience

Come mek mi tell you bout my baderation experience.

From de time duh show announce, I seh I wasn’t going…..

From de time I thought Skeng and Skillibeng was the same person, I knew that show wasn’t for me….

From the minute that red hair banna released the “dunce thugs PSA” I seh that show wasn’t for me…….but guess Wha???? I reach in the Baderation show, a nice quiet banna like me reach till in VIP! How sway? And most importantly, why?

I went to the event with items I know I could lose. I left my camera and my wallet home, I shudda leave my damn self home as well. I took my phone though, and I made it home with said phone.

So the squad and I reached the event around 11pm, (btw this squad would run and leave me in the blink of an eye if things were to get dark). The western gate was for the regulars but y’all boy had special passes and thing so we pushed to the other gate. First gate, security seh he gotta search me, but based on the night’s events I got a strong feeling is only I geh search.

I’m not gonna bore you with a rundown of all the performances, some were pretty forgettable but our local artistes and DJs did exceptionally well. Nekeita, cKush, Gully Ras, Carlvin Burnet and Kady Kish y’all hol’ a big up. Guyana going places…not heaven, but places.

I must state that I don’t like the fact that Gully Ras was telling patrons to put their phones in the air, y’all know why. (Clearance sale for de thugs dem)

Also at this point, the bar ran out of Guinness and Smirnoff….Who does that?!?!

Bruh, the bar ran out of Guinness……at a Guinness-sponsored event, another sign that I ignored.

Do you know what else I ignored? The boys jumping the damn VIP barriers, I mean people paid their hard-earned money(not me) for those VIP tickets, and the ratty gang just invading their spaces, pockets, and purses, possibly.

So for the regional acts, we had Yung Bredda performing first, he deh in Guyana for the longest while, is a visitor’s visa he got? He got land from the President, or is that just for the Bajans?

Following him, was Shaneil Muir, the “real top gyal”. I like her ya know, but she is clearly just a recording artist at the moment and can’t command the stage like my baby mudda, Spice.

Once Shaneil wrapped up, the place got dark… Literally.

It was at this point Casual introduced Skeng, (yeah Casual got it right this time). It was also at this point I knew I had to get out. Skeng entered stage left, and I exited stage right. Not gonna lie though, when Skeng ran on stage, he was giving Otis (Barnyard Show) vibes. Skeng Don was clearly on something, he needed space, dude was jumping and leaping to no music, his voice so hoarse I was clearing my throat for some reason.

Within 5 minutes, I was back at my car pulling off when the gunshots rang out. I couldn’t believe my ears, lol just kidding we all knew that would’ve happened.

Ya know what I don’t get. We know the crowd this show would attract, why wasn’t there tighter security? Scanners, metal detectors, etc? Why serve alcohol in glass bottles? Why no bands for VIP? Why limited Guinness? Why no Spice?

I can’t wait for part 2 later this year at Cricket Carnival. #AhDeh

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