‘StingingNettles’ did not disappoint!

‘Genesis the Band’ Independence Weekend is off to a great start as thousands of patrons from all across the world packed the parking lot of the Marriott Hotel last evening for the Eldorado Stinging Nettles show.

Since the first Guyana Carnival in 2018, this event, previously known as ‘Tuesday on the Rocks”, is usually one of the most anticipated in the annual Carnival Calendar of activities hosted by Hits & Jams Entertainment.

2023 was no different, as the organisers and performers surely delivered a magnificent production that the patrons evidently enjoyed.

A combination of the aesthetically pleasing decor, music, performances and the Eldorado rum, created a euphoric atmosphere that not even the rain could have taken away.

Following entertainment from local DJs, Fame Band warmed up the stage as the opening act for the fiery evening, with renditions, from Kwasi Ace and Mariah Bowen.

Timeka Marshall turned it up a notch with some of the people’s all time favourite songs from her.

Her infectious energy and commanding stage presence instantly captured everyone’s attention. With her powerhouse vocals and mesmerizing dance moves, Timeka effortlessly delivered an array of soca hits, igniting a frenzy of dancing and pure revelry.

Rupee came on after, and took the crowd back to the 80’s and 90’s, creating an epic, nostalgic atmosphere as they swayed and sang along to the hits.

Hits like “Tempted to Touch” and “Jump” had the entire venue singing along and moving in unison, creating an electric atmosphere that was simply unforgettable. Rupee’s performance was a testament to his enduring talent and ability to deliver music that transcends borders, bringing people together in a celebration of Caribbean culture and unity. His contribution to the show added a dynamic dimension to the overall experience.

Some of the 2023 costumes for Genesis Band

To bring the vibe back to the soca theme before the main act, the audience got a sneak peek of the Genesis band costumes for 2023. The models displayed with energy and moves that had everyone in the audience jumping, successfully bringing the hype for KES THE BAND!

The screams, the cameras, the lights, the vibe, the energy, the heat were all the way up now!

From the moment Kes stepped foot on stage, the crowd erupted in euphoria. Dressed in a simple white shirt and cotton blue pants that radiated a spirit of simplicity, Kes exuded charisma and commanded attention.

He showcased his undeniable talent and musical mastery as he effortlessly moved from one soca hit to another. His powerful voice reverberated through the venue, resonating with the hearts of everyone in attendance. The pulsating beats blended with infectious melodies, creating an irresistible urge to dance. The crowd was jumping and screaming, engulfed in the energetic vibes that filled the space.

By this time, the heat was dangerously high, but the rain came as the ‘cool down’ the people needed, adding to an even more memorable experience.

‘StingingNettles’ was nothing short of a magnificent spectacle that will be etched in the memories of those who attended. The night was filled with exuberance, passion, and a celebration of Caribbean culture. The performances and the overall production showcased the sheer brilliance of soca music. It was a night that reminded everyone of the power of music to transcend boundaries, unite hearts, and ignite a collective spirit of joy.

Festival Jouvert next!!





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