Why am I not consistent with my workouts? Pt. 2

Part 2

Being consistent with exercising is not always easy, especially when you have tried multiple times. We have provided two answers (not limited to those two only) to why you may lack consistency in last week’s post. This week, we guide you to discover your solutions.

Now let’s get into two major questions you should ask yourself that will help you to develop consistency with your fit journey.

1. What is my motivation?

If your motivation is entirely external such as getting a flat tummy or to look like someone else, then you may never develop a consistent habit of exercising. Professor Pedro Texeira, one of the authors of a research titled, ‘Intrinsic motivation and Self Determination In Human Behavior,’ explained that “Intrinsically motivated exercisers have discovered things that hold true value for them.” They have shifted their focus from long-term external benefits to positive internal experiences that occur in the short term, such as feeling good or reaching a goal.

“People who are intrinsically motivated do physical activity for its own sake and because they want to. They like the positive feelings of success and enjoyment that come from doing it well.” – Prof. Texeira

Instead of trying to look like your favourite fitness guru, or trying to see results in just one week, perhaps rethink your “why”. I am working out because it makes me healthier, I am working out because it’s improving my strength. I am working out because it enhances my ability to participate in my favourite sport. I exercise because it’s exciting. I get rid of stress when I exercise. These are all examples of intrinsic motivations to workout.

2. Do I have an accountability system/partner?

“Once we have made a choice, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment. Those pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify our earlier decision.” This is according to Robert Cialdini, author of ‘Influence: Science and Practice.’ I believe this to be true.

Earlier this year, a motivational speaker shared with a group of girls at an empowerment session, that she is not buying any clothes, accessories, and shoes for 2022. Some of you may know her. Subsequently, I began following her on social media and observed that she made this announcement to all her followers. This meant, we, her social media audience, are holding her accountable.

Cialdini says, “Whenever one takes a stand that is visible to others, there arises a drive to maintain that stand in order to look like a consistent person.” Not saying that either of you are not consistent in any way, but there are some things that are harder for us to do consistently. Therefore, tell someone (doesn’t have to be social media) what you’re working on and reinforce that you expect him/her to hold you accountable.

Takeaways (Both Weeks):

Your reason for working out will produce your desired behaviour

Overdoing it may discourage you at first. Take it slow, consult a professional trainer or doctor for advice if possible.

Your motivation to exercise should be intrinsic

Having an accountability system/partner forces you to be consistent

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