Why am I not consistent with my workouts?

You have been thinking about starting your fitness journey for weeks now. You have watched your favourite fit girl on Instagram or YouTube, and now, you’re pumped with inspiration and motivation. You stock up on some sports bras, leggings, and shorts.

This is it, I’m gonna do this. Hot girl summer here I come!

It’s October and the last day you have worked out was sometime before Easter. The very lonely sports bras are jealous of the new strapless/backless-ready-for- the-road, I-am-looking-good, we-outside bra that was worn every weekend for the last three months of events.

It’s a cycle many of us go through, and as I like to say, “that’s okay.” It is okay because we are all at different stages in our lives and what may be important for me now may not be as important to another based on our unique experiences. Doesn’t mean that you would never be able to attain your fitness goals. It just takes a few mindset changes to be consistent, and you will get there.

Like every other aspect of life, commitment and consistency are essential for any success story.

But why is it easier for me to be consistent in other areas of my life but this exercise thing?

Usually, your reason for doing anything will produce your desired behaviour. Why do you work? Because you need money. Why do you take a shower? Why do you brush your teeth? These are all simple, possibly mundane but important tasks that are consistently practised daily because we understand the why until we can’t live without it, although some claim they can live without work/career. I mean I can do with a three to four day weekend, but that’s another topic.

Another reason why one may not be consistent with exercise is because it is seen as a gruelling chore, especially in the first two weeks or so. As mentioned in my previous blog post, there were times in my early stages of working out that I wanted to vomit. When this is encountered, some of us stop exercising all-together. Three to six months later, you recommit yourself to working out and have the same experience. On top of that, your muscles are aching. It makes you question yourself: “why the hell am I putting myself through this agony?”

Most likely you are simply doing too much and/or eating a full meal too close to your workout. If you are experiencing extreme feelings of nauseousness, I would advise that you speak to a professional trainer and even a doctor, who will help you understand what pace you should push yourself. Additionally, dietitians suggest that we eat a full meal 2-3 hours before exercise since it gives enough time for digestion.

Next week we will dive into two questions you should ask yourself that will help you to develop consistency with your fitness journey. For now, ponder on your ‘why’. Why should I exercise?


  •  Your reason for working out will produce your desired behaviour. 
  • One of the reasons why we may lack consistency is because we cannot answer the ‘why’. The other is that we see exercise as a chore
  • Overdoing it may discourage you at first. Take it slow, consult a professional trainer and/or doctor for advice.

 Challenge of the week: hip flexor stretches.

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