Women should pursue business in their passion area

Young nail tech, Lashawna Moore advises

In this era, a lot of people are more empowered to be their own bosses. One can testify how innovative young people have become, given the wide array of small businesses that are emerging every day.

Moreover, young women have transcended the ancient norm, and are being more vested in being self-sufficient. This should be highly applauded.

In fact, one young woman, Lashawna Moore, says that she believes that women can dominate businesses, once they find that inner drive and passion, and focus on fulfilling their dreams.

Moore grew up in Lodge Housing Scheme, and since she was a teen, her ultimate goal was to be a boss and master a skill.

Before graduating with nine CSEC subjects from St. Roses High School, the young woman was passionate about fashion and nail designing. As such, she decided to start doing nails while in school so by the time she left school she would be good at what she loves. Saving from money given her to go to school, more was able to purchase items to practice her nail designing.

Lashawna Moore surrounded by her work

“I told my friends I would buy products with my lunch money. When I got enough to do a full set, I did girls nails in school. So at the age of 16, I started my nail business while I was still in school. After I left school, my friends came and support and I was nowhere close to ‘bomb’ then, so people spoke smack but I never give up so I continued practising and I got better and better and my business started to grow,” the young entrepreneur said.

Since she was practically self-taught, Moore decided that it’d be wise to pursue a course to earn a certificate to be deemed more credible by future clients. So May of last year, she became a certified nail technician.

“Then I started doing a nail course to share what I know to help young girls start their own businesses because skill is wealth. And now I’m here, expanding my business, doing nails, as well as teaching how to do nails.

I also own my own online boutique. I believe that I am already fulfilling my dreams but I would like to expand my businesses to a greater level,” she told Gabriella Chapman, now of Potsalt Media.
Elaborating on her expansion idea, she said that she is trying to create an experience for her clients and not just a regular nail shop.

“I want persons to be able to come and be comfortable and have the experience of a lifetime, which will keep them coming back. I also have my online boutique ‘Baddie on a budget’, and I decided to do an online boutique because Fashion is a big deal and I want persons to be able to afford nice clothing. I believe no dream is too big to achieve and once you work hard you will achieve them, so I am also a real estate agent,” Moore shared.

Her nail business is closed at the moment, but she said she will be doing a grand launch soon because of her expansion.

“I would like to encourage young females, in particular, to start their own business once they discover their true passion. I would also like to say that starting wouldn’t be easy. You will face money challenges but your hard work and practice will pay off,” she advised.

Her nail page is @Everythingnails_592 on Instagram and Facebook. Customers can visit these platforms to make contact.

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