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Happy Holidays

The weather outside is frightful but yuh see duh traffic deh?? Worsah yet Courts lights up Main Street - Stabroek News


The Christmas season is upon us and while we’re out here wiping walls at the eleventh hour and getting last minute gifts, let’s not forget what this season is all about. That’s right, folks. Food.


I mean, coming together. Connecting with family and friends we haven’t seen in forever. Doing old traditions with the new loves in our lives. Slowing down and getting back in tune with yourself. 

Christmas around the world - Guyana Chronicle


I love love love a Guyanese Christmas. There’s nothing like the holiday season here. I can’t wait to sample everyone’s pepperpot and still tout that my mom’s is the best. It’s been an exciting chapter for all of us here in Guyana.

In the midst of pain and joy, we as people push on. Why? Because we must; because it’s who we are as a people. Those who are gone are not forgotten and the hopes and dreams they had live on through us. We always find a way to laugh through it all, don’t we?




Just around the corner we have New Year’s when we’ll be making our resolutions so before we get all caught in 2024’s itations, let’s savour the remnants of 2023.


Don’t forget to tip your masqueraders!

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